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Im not currently teaching group classes however my own practice remains as strong as ever at 51 Years old. I have written a tribute book to B.K.S Iyengar that is now available. Something I wrote during Lockdown. Ask me or find at 

You can make donations for your own copies just contact  Pay me back using my PayPal.Me link:

I recently made another short clip, a snippet of the sort of P.M practice I do daily.








A short one take clip of 2010 summer sequence I made:-

I started teaching Yoga for Cyclists in September 2013, attracting classes of 11/12 on many weeks; a huge success for a class of mainly male cyclists. The first series was my start at teaching Yoga as a serious prospect, but I will always practice; there is also only ever increasing evidence that practising helps with health and flexibility for EVERYONE.

Testimonials 2014:-

“I really enjoyed the Yoga for cyclists course I did with Jason, his knowledge & enthusiam for yoga is excellent. The classes were well planned and the exercise progressions meant that everyone found a level that they could work at. I have found that the work I have done with Jason has really helped me be more comfortable on the bike & I would say that every cyclist could benefit from yoga. Jason’s classes are tailored specifically for our needs & I look forward to seeing where he will take us in the future’.”
Aaron Coode, BSc (Hons), MSc, DC Clinical Tutor supervising final year students in the AECC Clinic teaching functional management to undergraduate students and working with patients in the Exercise and Performance Centre 

Yoga for Cyclists

Yoga for Cyclists

Yoga for Cyclists


  1. Being a mountain bike performance coach and rider I understand the need to improve core strength and maintain flexibility to prevent injury and aid training. Yoga for cyclists is something I am introducing to my riders and my own training programmes to help improve mobility. The preparation phase of the training year is an ideal time to introduce this. Jason’s guidance and advice is helping us on our journey into yoga with a specific focus on our sport and individual needs. I cannot say it is easy, but anything that requires focus and commitment, and improves your well being needs a degree of effort, as with anything in performance improvements.

    I now find myself using some yoga poses to alleviate back and shoulder stiffness when doing IT based admin, and at the end of a ride to rapport static stretching in my cool downs. Also feedback from one of my riders states he is finding it helps control his breathing. Time will tell with other potential benefits, and hopefully reduced injury as the race season gets underway.

  2. James Little

    Hi Jason, do you intend running any yoga for cyclists courses in north Dorset over the coming winter months?

  3. Jenny

    I took part in Jason’s yoga sessions on a Monday evening at Velo Domestique (the new cycle caf√© in Southbourne). Jason’s approach and understanding of yoga really inspired me. I’m looking forward to the next series and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in beginning yoga practice or fine tuning their yoga skills.

  4. Just finished my first ever series of yoga taught by Jason at Velo Domestique. Loved trying out something new and expanding the range of movement in my cycling adapted hips! Jason catered for all levels and had a great balance of movement, holds and relaxation. Would definitely recommend this to anyone and Velo Domestique is a great venue too.

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