Bespoke Mapping

Forest, parkland and urban mapping and map updates for any space – Schools, public space, Forestry Commission

for Schools

Maps, courses, training and full lesson plans to deliver the best orienteering activities right on your school site

Orienteering Courses

Partnering with Active Dorset since 2011 – Set up custom orienteering courses suited to specific needs and locations

Safer urban driving Training

Courses for safer driving in town. Great for new and seasoned drivers. Full license required.

Why choose me?

UK Coach of the Year

Awarded UK Orienteering Coach of the Year in 2018 by the British Orienteering Federation

Over 15 Years of Experience

I've been doing, teaching and training orienteering with and for groups since 2006

Trusted by schools & partners

Including Active Dorset, Wessex Orienteering, Dorset Council, QE School Wimborne






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