Safer urban driving courses


Ticking off CPC requirements for HGV drivers including new cycle modules

Practical SUD

Safer Urban Driving and CPC Certificates are now a mandatory requirement for professional van and lorry drivers. 

Mitigating Risk

The Safe Urban Driving course focuses on vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists but has a particular focus on cyclists. The course includes a practical ‘on-road’ cycle training element and gives drivers a ‘real life’ experience as to a cyclist’s perspective of riding on London’s roads, as well as in traffic. The training also counts towards the 35 hours DCPC that professional drivers need to complete.

Theory - 3.5hrs

This part of the course focuses on sharing the road safely and highlights the vulnerability of other road users. It also explains how the London streetscape is evolving to encourage more walking and cycling. Subjects covered include:-

  • The driver’s role in the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)
  • Urban driving, changing streetscape and route planning
  • Vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists
  • Sharing the road, observation devices and cycle training
  • Collision avoidance and defensive driving
  • Hazard recognition and perception
  • Driver responsibility and attitude

Practical - 3.5hrs

After the initial bicycle control skills training, drivers ride on bikes to areas of potential conflict including junctions, traffic lights and Advanced Stop Lines. Subjects covered include:-

  • Introducing active travel, driver fitness and health
  • Giving drivers a cyclist’s perspective of riding on busy roads and an understanding of the issues faced by vulnerable road users
  • Recognising best driving practice around cyclists
  • Practical on road experience at areas of potential driver/cyclist conflict including junctions, traffic lights and Advanced Stop Lines

CPC Practical Courses are delivered by me but booked through TTC/Ridgeway Training and other firms – you can find more information and book here

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