Bespoke Map creation


Orienteering is a massive global sport for all ages – but to unlock it you’ll need a map!

New maps

Providing bespoke quality Orienteering mapping of any site, tailored to making optimum use of best features, identifying possible courses and installation with solutions for repeat usage.


Map updates

Many sites often have existing maps which are out of date, so can’t be used to create good courses. Quite often though these maps can be used as a basis and updated for reduced costs.

POA including re-installation of courses if necessary – FREE when buying sets of school session plans . Please get in touch

New maps

/ from

  • size & feature dependent
  • Custom markers available (+£60)

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DOE Map updates

/ from

  • 2005 maps onwards
  • re-installation of courses

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Orienteering for Schools

Maps, courses, training and full lesson plans to deliver the best orienteering activities right on your school site

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Orienteering Courses

Partnering with Active Dorset since 2011 – Set up custom orienteering courses suited to specific needs and locations

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Safer urban driving Training

Driver CPC Courses (now mandatory) for HGV drivers, covering safer driving in urban areas. Full HGV license required.

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