Beginning Backbends – Different Direction

College Yoga Sessions – Jason Falconer

Opening –Spinal Rolling / Sitting breathing/ awakening awareness
Padma asana=easy cross legged + variations Scooping out abdomen with diaphragmatic breathing, hands on shoulders circling, side bends, easy twists -Benefits: rectifies the static position of the spine/ maintains intervertebral spaces and prevents slipped disc/ rectifies scoliosis/ Reduces and stabilizes high blood pressure/ Improves blood circulation between pregnant women and foetus. Reduces mental excitement improves mental attention.

• Eka pada/ Urdhva Prasuta Pada Asana + supine variations= Leg raising -Benefits – rectifies the static position of the spine, maintains intervertebral spaces and prevents slipped discs. Develops muscles of the legs. Improves venous and lymphatic systems.
Jathara Parivrtti=Revolved supine stretch –Benefits-Tones cardiac muscles and prevents and helps to reduce ovarian cysts.

• Svana asana= Dog+ variations/ half dog transitions
Phalak Asana=Plank- -Benefits: tones all the core muscles of the body/ strengthens triceps biceps and laterals/ strengthens wrist joints
Urdhva Mukha Svana Asana=Upward Facing Dog Benefits-develops muscles of the legs and arms. Develops rib cage volume and respiratory capacity. Improves digestion.

• Eka Pada Viparita/ Salabha Asana=One legged/ Grasshopper -Benefits: after delivery, reduces tissue oedema and strengthens the uterine wall. Strengthens the cardiac muscles and improves mental concentration.

• Dhanura Asana=Easy Bow+variations -Benefits: alongside respiratory and muscular benefits also Stimulates ovulation. Stabilizes the adrenal and pituitary secretions and the vegetative nervous system. Half dog transitions.

• Vajra asana=Easy Hero/ alternate sides/ Full hero (option) -Benefits: as above plus strengthening knee joints.

• Parigha asana=Gate posture/ variations
Ustra Asana=Camel, 3 progressive variations with counterposing between. -Benefits: along with other backbending benefits shown above. Improves arterial circulation of the heart and brain. Stabilizes all the endocrinal secretions of the body. Reduces fear, anxiety and depression. Develops nervous resistance to stress.

Finishing -Tense and release. Sava asana=Corpse posture -Benefits: posture destroys fatigue and quiets the agitation of the mind, conscious relaxation invigorates and refreshes body and mind.

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