Beginning Hand Balances

College Yoga Sessions – Jason Falconer

• Opening – Kneeling / breathing / awakening awareness.
Vajra Asana = easy Hero + variations – scooping out abdomen with diaphragmatic breathing, hands behind back link, reverse prayer, side bends, easy twists – Benefits: rectifies the static position of the spine / maintains intervertebral spaces and prevents slipped disc / rectifies scoliosis / Reduces and stabilizes high blood pressure / Improves blood circulation between pregnant women and foetus. Reduces mental excitement improves mental attention.

Svana asana = Dog + variations Benefits: strengthens muscles located all along the spinal column / makes supple the shoulder joints and entire spine / develops rib cage volume / develops muscles of legs and arms / develops respiratory capacity.

Vajra Asana = easy Hero + Urdhva Mukha variation – Benefits: reduces and helps to stabilise high blood pressure / Strengthens cardiac muscles / makes supple the cervical spinal column / opens / the shoulder joints / develops respiratory capacity / improves arterial circulation of the heart and brain
Parigha Asana = Gate – BenefitsDevelops rib cage volume / prevents and helps to reduce ovarian cysts.
Shashanka Asana = Hare – Benefits: Relieves tension in cervical spine / opens shoulders
Svana asana = Dog + variations – Benefitssame as above
Phalak Asana = Plank – Benefits: tones all the core muscles of the body / strengthens triceps biceps and laterals / strengthens wrist joints
Chaturanga Danda Asana = Four Limbed Stick – Benefits: Tones forearm muscles / develops wrist strength / strengthens core stability.

Svana asana = Dog + variations Adho Mukha Svana Asana = Down Dog to step up to Uttitha Pada Angusta Asana = Standing big toe Benefits: Increases sense of balance / supports renal functions / stimulates all the elimination functions of the body / stabilises hormonal secretions of thyroid, pineal and parathyroid glands. Tadasana = Mountain Benefits: increases sense of balance / rectifies scoliosis / provides sense of lightness / promotes mental attention / reduces mental excitement Utthana Asana = Standing forward bend + variations – Benefits: Develops muscles of the legs / increases the sense of balance.

Ardha Utkata Asana = Half Chair / Chair Benefits: Rectifies the static position of the spinal column and maintains intervertebral spaces / strengthens the muscles located along the spinal column especially at lumbar level / makes supple all the pelvis joints and strengthens knee joints / develops the muscle structure of the abdominals, lower abdomen and legs / strengthens the abdominal organs and the kidneys / increases the sense of balance / improves digestion, intestinal absorption and intestinal elimination and fights against constipation / improves venous and lymphatic circulation of the entire body.

Bakasana = Crane Benefits: Strengthens the arms and abdominals with contraction. Strengthens wrists and begins the important process of holding body weight off the ground.

• FinishingSava asana = Corpse posture Benefits: posture destroys fatigue and quiets the agitation of the mind, conscious relaxation invigorates and refreshes body and mind.

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