I first wrote a post about Self- Coaching in May 2017   – in this xmas break between work seems like time for another round up. I’ve had another great year of teaching groups of Key Stage 2 children at local schools combined with Mapping and setting up on site permanent courses for repeated use, supporting this delivery is my own performance- something that supplies me with the evidence to share with groups to enthuse them to compete too. When you teach- your both student and teacher, constantly learning from the groups and adapting to their needs to achieve the best outcomes. In navigation at speed youre also adapting to the conditions, making decisions and relying on your own resilience which are cornerstone values of what Im teaching the children too. 

During 2020-2021 everyone has had to adapt to the C….D era, setting out their own ways of managing the changes, including new ways to have social interaction, ways to exercise and for those with a competitive streak keep challenging themselves. Strava offers monthly challenges set up to keep users motivated one of which is the monthly 100KM running goal- I started entering this in October 2020 and have completed every month since then so will have run 14 months-1400KM total distance by year end. Back when there werent any organised events going on and weekly trainings were compromised by rules of 6 and such matters, this monthly goal to complete youre training distance despite there being few actual races going on- really helped motivate me to achieve. Looking at how your mates were performing and sharing stories and messages really got me through the darkest quietest times of last winter, when our usual Wessex Night League was curtailed as well this really helped . You can see the trophy case here

Unfortunately there are still things like cancellations of Parkrun going on and the seemingly arbitary rule making goes on- so If youre on Strava give us a follow and theres also a Maprunner Club there I started that has 68 regular runners in it, its free and shows me details of other races from around the country. A good way to remotely stay up to date about how youre running friends are doing, and when youve both done a competition what routes you chose.

Some Photo updates and latest results from me here- 157 people raced at the 50th Annual Boxing Day Canter, I got a 15th. It was a joy to see Andrew Beldowski over from France- hes in his 93rd year now a true testimony of where an active life can take you. Also pictured my wife Lauren and I before the start with some other shots from Boxing day.