Parallel/ Tiger Crossings

Brief post about a couple of upcoming Pedestrian / Bike crossings opening in the Poolemouth area soon.

Firstly Poole Lane near L.E.A.F Academy – this is the first one of such types of Dual crossings meant to enable riders and walkers to make it over roads at the same time. Designated by the surface and from the example shown from London which has cycle symbols on. Last time I heard there were 20+ of these opened in London area- do correct me if you should know current total.

dual crossing







Example from London


These photos after opening the Poole Lane example. Triple speed humps have been installed either side on approach, with usual raised table designating user priority. This means users should be able to expect drivers to yield to them whilst crossing. Visually impaired users are given a L shaped tactile paving surface (like braille underfoot) to guide them onto the pedestrian crossing. Theres actually a ‘Hierarchy of Users’ for every design being built on roads, which has Pedestrians and cyclists at the top, with other active travellers,  then drivers and vehicles underneath- whether these priorities make it onto the built environment is another question- as Councils struggle to provide whats being directed from Westminster. Lots written about changs to the built environment here from an actual Cycle campaigner, my reports are just observations of whats changing from a daily active traveller.  Bournemouth cycle forum asked BBC at 13 March Forum to provide press releases for this prior to opening as road users will be unfamiliar with them. We await to see them.







A couple of miles away at Boundary Lane the 4th arm of the roundabout is being built to provide access by road to a car park at the back of the University and the Talbot Village shops and estate around Fern Barrow. Anecdotally BBC were actually completely opposed to this- although it being right on the Poole Borough Border made it more Pooles jurisdiction. Its the main Active Travel entrance to the Bournemouth University, used by hundreds daily from nearby Winton where most students reside. At some point the ‘Wallisdown connectivity’ plan is due to appear which this is part of.  Theres another Parallel crossing proposed for this crossing, as peak time traffic here is walking speed anyway perhaps this will work it will be interesting to see. Again people unfamiliar with these crossings may find them confusing at first without prior warnings of them appearing.


4th Arm of Boundary Lane Roundabout.

To my view putting in another car park at the back of the University will do nothing more than encourage more motor use, mainly promoting those short journeys that result in cars sitting motionless all day taking up space that could be better used. Ask anyone who unfortunately has to travel on Boundary lane to Ringwood or elsewhere or back to work at peak time, how that area is. Giving residents of Talbot Village another entrance a few hundred metres away from the existing one wont do anything to encourage them to make local journeys actively, probably to the detriment of the poor souls undoubtedly queuing to travel further afield.  Next cycle forum is 12 June at the BBC Town Hall, public meeting do come along. If youve anything to contribute to these ongoing changes on Poolemouth roads leave a comment.



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