Well its come and gone again (festering season) and the Rhythm of life starts up again for the New Year, quick post to wish everyone the best luck for 2017, and outline current work.

Schools return tommorrow and many  will be having an ‘inset’ day where teachers can prepare for the term ahead  and have updates, I’m straight in for a group of year 11s who’ve opted to do P.E Orienteering, and an assessment for they’re GCSEs. You might rememeber this started in 2015 in January term too?   happy to say that if the students were in year 10 last academic year 15-16 they would still be able to take this option, despite the fact that Orienteering has now gone off the secondary curriculum. If you have students that might benefit from this 10% of they’re qualification (60% is written paper and 10% for each of 4 x  P.E practicals) Get in touch. I have Glenwin again this week, and also Surbiton High for an ex- Glenwin teacher by appointment, and also Corfe Hills a week today! What a great start to the year.

GCSE Orienteering Year 11
GCSE Orienteering Year 11


Theres new Yoga classes starting next week too, as mentioned in my update here  so looking forward to these and a new group of students to discover the ultimate stress management system. My own focus is to incorporate a new posture into every session this new year, refreshing my own lessons and providing previous students with more variety again.

To complete the trio of activities I teach the first Bikeability for schools sessions are booked for the 14th and 21st on Saturdays,  Ill be posting more info on Schools offers as these are finalised. Great that both Poolemouth Local Authorities have more money than ever before drawn down from DFT to provide this service in the area, and a good team of instructors on the teaching. Again if you want info just get in touch.

Wishing all my readers the best for this year 2017, gotta be better than last year hasnt it.

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