My 2015 Practice

Early in year 4 for my teaching Yoga to classes and after a big night last night this is celebration post and a round- up of my experiences so far.

Post Qualification teaching Dynamic Yoga:-

September 2013-14 Independent Class series at Sir David English / Moors Valley x 39 year total.

September 2014-15 Independent class series at S.D.E and Rockets and Rascals, and Funded series for Bournemouth and Poole College students x 39 year total.

September 2015-16 Independent class series at Factory Alder Hills/ Purbeck Peleton Stoborough/ Velo Domestique Southbourne x 46 year total.

September 2016-17 Funded series for Active Dorset Arts University Bournemouth and Purbeck Peleton ongoing.



Without a single day missed I’m proud of my teaching experience above gained in my first 4 years since graduation. Teaching is great and carries a responsibility that stays interesting to this day. It imagined that after 3 years something would become rather samey about bringing Dynamic Yoga to groups however this post is really prompted by the opposite. Of my many types of student groups it can be seen that even the most regular of learners never loses their thirst for the teaching, there’s something about a group class that unites people in their efforts and learning. Its somewhat surprising to me that whilst a few individuals have got their own practice many who learnt the key sequences I teach never progress to home practice. When the Yoga bug gets into you as much as it has me, twice daily practice really does alter your life. Every time I go to teach class its a new moment, and even if I’m feeling tired or perhaps unsure of how many people will come along- seeing the groups efforts rewards and invigorates me and reinforces my drive to share the benefits. If you didn’t know this- in 2012 a near-death car collision whilst cycling nearly took my life, a subdural heamatoma which I recovered from thankfully quickly overcome by what many consultants told me was- my previous 15 years Yoga practice. More about that here.

So whats it like to teach Yoga? amazing how fast three years goes! Some of the following might only appeal to teacher readers, so Ill just say to student readers thankyou. Thankyou for coming to class and may the benefits always stay with you. Teachers in the U.K compete for a leisure market with multiple options in multiple locations, finding a premises that suits the teacher is difficult. Again and again I see new teachers business cards appear on the walls of coffee shops and other places, then disappear again after a few months. I guess having cyclists and runners as my main client base means that they are more dedicated to a series than gym based open classes. My method of doing distinct series of about 8 classes provides a broad overview of the types of practice most people can enjoy. There really aren’t many people with the dedication to work beyond the First Primary Series in Ashtanga and if so they’re probably your teachers.  As has been said already by Broad, the latest buzzword name of class offered:- ‘Broga, Doga, Hot Yoga’ evidences the times in which were living though, and that competition necessitates that teachers have to work hard to cover the costs of offering classes and making them viable. This aspect applies to me as much as anyone, in fact last year my Series 11 for Velo Domestique which was an Autumn series due to start September failed to materialise. 6 definates became 3 on the first day booked, and with much regret I had to leave this prospective course aside. Being as it was September and my fourth year this situation put me in the same realm as lots of teachers who after certain time have to abandon classes. After not long, something good happened and I was approached again in October by both Purbeck Peleton club, and Active Dorset/ Arts University Bournemouth for whom I’d taught series previously. In contrast to the ‘Independent’ class series mentioned above, these classes were funded, meaning steady payments for the whole block. Thinking this must have been a gift I took them both up on the offer and happily taught those last two series. We are now into 2017 and another two series #14 and #15 are now in progress for those two groups, the studio at AUB is delightful space and we will be going into the spring as the evenings lengthen and I send these students out onto their own practices Saluting the Sun into the future. There were 25 students in class last night, January blues you might say 😉 but a very promising start.   I’ve met some interesting people along the way of this career, some of those teachers without their own practices surprise me?, but those that continue to offer upwards of 8 hours teaching a week deserve credit for staying dedicated, you know who you are.


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