Yoga for Cyclists

Acceptance of Yoga in sport is now completely mainstream, which is good but shows extremes that need exposing,

Take at look at the link here:-

Now take a look at this one:-


Slightly different arent they? The first is Californian in origin, linked closely to one of the larger internet bike shops that you will know and love, or know and hate depending on whether you spend hours advising clients on your shop floor for them to then go and buy online and not from your business. The postures are in the difficult range in the main, other than the Plough (halasana) which is 6th down the list, whilst Im happy for her doing a one handed handstand, the postures here are far off anything suitable for new practitioners, and who knows why they are shown here as introductory, never try and do the plough wearing a helmet though please, please dont.

The second very recent link is also from U.S.of A in Pennsylvania. Here we have a gent who has good racing background, outlining 7 postures that are manageable for newer practitioners. Words provided are useful and informative, rather than being a simple show of ‘look what I can do’ in effect. Not sure whether either of these examples of media show people that are qualified teachers, which brings up another question, who qualifies teachers? If you want to know more about that I advise reading Broads book ‘the Science of Yoga’.

All Im observing here is that mediation of Yoga is very different from the practice, the practice that will unlock the benefits that are listed in media,  if you practice. Learning how to move into and maintain postures, co-ordinated with the Breath is the key to a balanced, flexible future. Finding a teacher who can show you this, who also has a lifetime of ‘Miles in the legs’ on bikes is the way forward, you never know it might even be me.

Jason Virabhadrasana One
Jason Virabhadrasana One

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