Victorian Streets everywhere in U.K

Dont all look like this-

this post shows how the vision of attractive streets made to encourage Active Travel is being realised in London. Photos show before and after of Francis road, and one other location with Modal Filtering in place.

With thanks to Mark Treasure for the pictures.















































Current Consultation on improving Wallisdown road/ Boundary Lane locally is open until 03 August – please do contribute. Here are my ideas.:-

South side of Wallisdown road, from Uni rbout, all way to opposite Alton Road= already wide grassed area , ideal for bi directional cycle track,

Then run same track inside the hedge on Wallisdown playing field, to join talbot drive/ existing infra.

Whole road on this same section move south by 2 metres and widen northern pavement for pedestrians/ bikes shared track.

Alton road modal filter closed to motor traffic to encourage local families to walk/ cycle to St Marks, Talbot, Bishop Aldhelms schools, and also to make housing area originating/ terminating journey routes only- many cars use Alton/ Priestley as cut through to Columbia rd.

Kinson rbout needs total redesign for cycling / walking improvements perhaps like Tuckton? with single lane entry on all 4 arms


Boundary lane

There is a difficulty for bikes. walkers to get into Uni site from Boundary road, and also onto existing track on Talbot ave. to continue southwards, the movements have to be almost Uturns which arent desirable.

Single biggest improvement here would be to change the 3 lane entry to roundabout from the west, and provide a formal crossing which is used continually by bikes and pedestrians.



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