Tern GSD00- My E-Cargo bike

I wrote this 4 years ago about an E Bike I trialled, we are surfing a wave of technology improvements that has changed the entire outlook on E-Assisted bikes this post is about that.

Picked up my Tern GSD 00 on 09 April, Ten weeks ago yesterday. You can see my mileage above is just shy of 1000 Miles. I struggle with numeracy but that looks pretty close to 100 Miles a week, all utility riding work related trips. When I wrote the Electrolyte piece the way the power assist dropped out at 15 MPH felt so clunky, it made a bigger than usual bike very heavy. Im so enjoying the Tern now it still feels like Ive hired a moped on holiday in India or something every day I get on it. Bosch tech has made the transition between powered and rolling so smooth it dosent matter this is a 30 Kilo bike that carries 200 Kilos, every mile is a joy.

So what has it done? loaded the bike handles exactly like a normal bike as its the same wheelbase, thats the main difference between this and other E-Cargo bikes, the turning circle is perfect. Ive put people on the back seat where it has made more sense to carry them than slow riding in a group that needed to make an 11 mile trip. The panniers fill up for a whole day teaching Orienteering when I need to set up an electronically timed event. Trips to Weymouth or Southampton are easy as it fits in a train space on South Western Railway. Yard work and trips to the allotment are easy with both sides loaded I can say how much utility this bike has, just like the Surly before it I do all work on it, however now packing is a 5 minute job like when you load the car and take everything.

Costs – the initial outlay helped by the 20% off I gained from an Energy Saving Trust Grant for small business’ and the fact I sold the Surly Rohloff complete for nearly a grand came down by 40%. You can work the rest out. Trips to Weymouth and Dorchester to fundraise for Sustrans are paid for on expense. So theres no expense just the battery charge, I get around 48 miles on the Touring mode, if you use the Sport or Turbo you use that much more power. So its all relative to how much you use the power on hills.

All I can say is if you havent yet tried one, do it soon. Youll never regret power assist. Quietly, all over Cargo bikes are taking the place of deliveries in cities, older people are getting mobile on them, they are the future. Ill be doing the training for the Beryl Mechanics soon on E-Cargo Bikes (they have 3) so look out for us soon.






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