Purbeck Peleton.
Tonight sees the last class in my third series of Yoga for Cyclists for Purbeck Peleton Cycling Club. These riders have taken a total 21 lessons since 2015 and enjoyed the range of teaching that will I hope keep them flexible and injury-free in the upcoming race season. You may not have come across the British Cycling Affiliated group from the Wareham area that meet regularly they have regular rides that range from the dedicated early sessions- to the weekend based Pedallers. A diverse group with plenty ladies and my first ever Church Reverend Yoga student. Many of the members will be racing in the Moreton Series a popular local race league with some distance specialists also taking part in Audax rides. I’m hoping to introduce them to the joys of Track riding this season most for the very first time, after 6 years track coaching its surprising how many cyclists have never ridden brakeless fixed gear- something every rider should try at least once. So with 100+ members now this is a grassroots club on the up, its been great teaching you the ultimate stress management system. Look forward to working with you in the future and if you have any comments on the Yoga classes do add some below.



  1. Simon Draper

    Hi Jason
    I’ve been reading your website with interest, if you recall we met in Bournemouth and chatted about Sustrans and one or two other mutual interests. I’ve just applied for a ‘Fundraisers’ role via ‘Inspired people’ which I believe is a fundraising business. Did you mention that Sustrans may be looking for people directly?…if so I would be very interested in applying.

    Hopefully catch up soon,


    • Hi Simon, sorry only just seen this- yes we are looking for some new people, have passed this on to my Supervisor Ellie.
      Thanks for enquiring and see you soon

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