Active Dorset Move It Week 2021

Move It Week is Here! 

This week we are inviting you to get involved in one of the many activities in the Active Dorset Move it week promotion. Theres a huge amount to do and Im pleased to be involved providing MapRun locations to take part in your own time over the next 7 days. The Orienteering section in the

School program- MIW Resource Pack KS1&2

tells you more – these are Community based activities, you can either just take part in them with smartphone, or find the Map file on either Wimborne or Wessex Websites- print a copy and take it with you. Ask me for more help or info 

Im especially happy to work on this with colleagues- and proud to offer something to the whole county, more navigation, more exploration, or as British Orienteering would say ‘more people, more places, more podiums’

              Good News!

Its really good news to hear also via Youth Sport Trust that P.S.P funding from central Government is to continue for Academic year 2021- 22.

School Focus- Hamworthy Park Juniors 

Over the last year I have been working closely with the P.E. lead, and am very proud to have taught all 16 cohorts of all KS2 classes at Hamworthy Primary. This equates to 48 hours teaching time, both in the Autumn Terms 1, 2 and this Summer Term 1, 2 still ongoing, 96 hours total and Around 480 children learning the life skill of navigation.

What makes these even better is that the finale week 6 of each series we have taken the groups out of school into Hamworthy Park, – for a full size competition where they demonstrate the skills learned during the school sessions. Quality Outdoor and Adventurous Activities provision. 

You may find it interesting to read the Learning Outcomes my sessions are planned to deliver, they support how the sessions are structured through the 5 week series. You can read more about the series here  

Learning Outcomes


Do get in touch for more info, looking forward to another great year ahead. 

Happy Midsummers day.