Cycling Officers Reports March ’18

Some good upcoming work to report in this the 3 times yearly reports presented to the Bournemouth Cycling Forum.


Tuesday 13th March 2018

  1. Town Centre Schemes.

The remainder of the improvements to the western side of the town centre will recommence shortly and are expected to be completed by mid July. This includes traffic calming features on Bourne Avenue and Braidley Road.

Some background design work continues on Beale Place in connection with the current closure to motor traffic. The experimental order has now been made permanent. The project does not, however, have funding and consideration is being given to develop a simplified scheme to make it more affordable.

  1. Update on Other Existing Schemes.

Curzon Road contraflow has now been fully signed.

Tuckton Roundabout scheme has now been approved and will be constructed between March and September with a break during the summer season. In association with this, cycle symbols will be placed on the centre of the carriageway over Tuckton Bridge to emphasise the presence of cyclists and their ability to take the lane on this section of road.

The Riverside Avenue toucan crossing has been delayed slightly while the implications for traffic flows are considered in more detail.

The Jewell Road cut-though connecting Jewell Road to Cooper Dene Roundabout is under construction and should be completed imminently. This creates a quiet alternative route to Castle Lane West, improving links between the residential areas the north and the hospital/Wessex Fields.

The replacement of the chicanes by speed cushions on Iford Lane, to address issues raised by the forum is complete.

The Queens Park (Soberton Road) subway link has been largely completed, allowing access for mobility scooters, large buggies and cyclists.

The Larksfield Avenue to Durweston Close cut-through is complete, although a tweak is being considered to deter motorcycles.

The cut-through from Alumhurst Road to Seamoor Road to allow cycles to turn right into

Seamoor Road is expected to be completed within 4-5 weeks.

Works to permit cycling across the Alum Chine suspension bridge are largely complete.

Some of this years contraflow schemes have been rescheduled into the next financial year, including: Cardigan Road, Gladstone Rd, Gladstone Rd East, Ringwood Rd toucan to High Howe Lane & an exemption to the turning ban from Percy Rd into Michelgrove Rd.

  1. Cycle Parking.

The cycle parking at the library by the Triangle has been improved. The poorly sited stands at the side of the library, which resulted in bikes falling over, have been replaced by better sited stands on level ground. 2


There are still plans for additional cycle parking along Avenue Road and Pier Approach.

We have been looking at the removal of dumped bikes and investigating the possibility of recycling them for future use. Could you please let us know locations where there are dumped bikes.

  1. Cycling Strategy & Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy Bid.

The Cycling Strategy has been slightly delayed due to the merger of the authorities. Pete will report on the LCWIP.

  1. Major Planning Applications:

The Winter Gardens development is proposing upgraded shared footways on both sides of the road.

A second cut-through between Oxford Road and Holdenhurst Road in the Lansdowne is being facilitated as part of a new development.

  1. Parks News.

The path in Tuckton Tea gardens will be completed soon and signage for Stour Valley way is also to be developed soon.

  1. Cycling Events/Bike Week.

Possibility of arranging some events during Bike Week 2018 in collaboration with Poole, local cycling groups and volunteers.


Proposed schemes for 2018/19 capital programme:

  • Ringwood Road – complementary scheme for proposed resurfacing work
  • NCN25 direction signing – joint scheme with Bournemouth, to include route via West Cliff Road
  • Holes Bay – realignment of existing cycle track, to ease right-angled corners
  • Alder Road corridor – routes to help cyclists avoid main road
  • Canford Heath Road – proposal to reduce speed limit from 40mph to 30mph
  • St. Aldhelm’s route to school – scheme to improve path surface between Dalling Road and Winston Avenue


Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)

  • Inception meeting held with DfT in February 2018, to agree scope.
  • Programme runs from September 2018 to August 2019 (12 months).
  • Engagement work for identifying desire lines and planning network improvements due to start in January 2019 (for about six months).
  • Once adopted, the LCWIP will be a part of the cycling (and walking) strategy.

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