This is Poolemouth



This is full version of the Poolemouth Routes available now here. On each coloured route plan there is a Strava link that shows you distance and time to cover, everyday cycling routes.

All routes have been ridden by me for the last 8 years. This is Directional Perfection that avoids the East- West daily queues and takes you into our wonderful parks in this centreparks by sea Poolemouth.

If you would like personal pdfs or other formats email me–

For other maps, fold out versions, workplace versions and ideas to promote Active travel get in touch.

This has been designed by Francesca Griffiths digital designer website here

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Jason Falconer

45. Aquarius. Lifetime cyclist, SMIDSY survivor, Competitive Orienteer, Runner and Swimmer, teaching one of those disciplines through Bikeability for youngsters and Track cycling across the spectrum, one other as head coach of Wessex Orienteering Club. Have a ten year youth bonus from cycling and working on longevity through Yoga practice/ teaching with my 200 hour qualification.

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