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Update- 07 July, these plans appeared on the wall in Broadstone library, they arent at the time of writing on the BCP website. Hopefully you can see them by clicking on the image, there are several changes to be glad of. Now three crossings. The junctions have level crossings that have carriageway humps and give way paint. A massive priority change which is very good to see and a first for the new BCP team. Despite this was drawn up by Poole Borough credit to Andy Hadley who oversaw the revisions and my suggestions nearly all met- see below. So look forward to a new priority on the Dunyeats road, with upcoming 20 MPH zone from Ridgeway down.

04 July, press release has been made about the work same plans on BCP website- Asking to see the final plans that have changed significantly to the old ones shown here

Suggestions on Consultation 22 May 2019. These are my own given proposals and at very short notice, ideally designs should be moving towards protected cycleways, not shared tracks- given the timing here are a more realistic set of proposals- please consider carefully.

At this time BH Active Travel Forum hasnt had the chance to discuss – in the future consultations of a more complete nature will be forthcoming. Thankyou. 

From west to east.  Station Approach is currently untreated, sloped accessible track comes up from carpark onto footway, Plans include no crossing for those approaching from carpark, Castleman Trailway or underpass- therefore add raised table crossing level with footway over Station Approach, to supplement the other proposed crossing, again raised and not Puffin press button but priority pedestrian design wide enough to accommodate Tiger/ Parallel crossings X2 onto wide shared track and outside flats where suggested X5 Sheffield stands are proposed.

Outside parade of shops/cafes. Wide shared  area with no pull in parking. Remove crossing as suggested which is replaced by above double crossing.

North side of road, shared track as proposed on entire North side of road East- West on length of Dunyeats .

(Note:- protected cycle lane separate from road and pedestrian is always optimum in future if space available)

Tudor Road / Dunyeats Hill X-ing. Here a 4 way crossing with raised table, every arm to be Parallel crossing. Maintain 1 way southbound lane, no Puffin press button, entire priority given to pedestrian / scooter / bike. As Hierarchy of users guidance states.

Ridgeway, additionally tighten radii of turns.

Lower/ Upper Golf links road, proposals O.K, raised and Pedestrian/ bike continuous footway as proposed.

School front, where school crossing keeper stands, as marked. Needs actual crossing. Again raised pedestrian priority with kerbs for cars. This is next to the schools site traffic speed is slow.

Delete Proposed ‘Get off carriageway cycle signs with arrows’ all 5 of them, commuting cyclists will not need suggest a better idea is joint bike/ school symbol paints as in picture on crossings. Use on all 3 road crossings.

 Background-I first engaged the school in 2011 with Andrew Johnston then head, as Sustrans officer for the area. Suggestions then were:-School themselves need to ban drop off zone, restrict to only emergency vehicles and staff, disabled children. (numerous examples I can give – Epiphany Primary Muscliffe etc etc) School should show leadership on active travel, get rid of single point bike stands, build more Sheffield stands, allow cycling without restriction to certain years and those doing cycle training. There are several children who park bikes at Junction and walk up the road due to outdated school policies.

Jason Falconer

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