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My Coaching:-

Since 2016 I taught the Safer Urban Driving (S.U.D.) course to HGV drivers. Requirements are –holding a full driving licence and being an experienced qualified instructor.

E-Bike instruction. As the number of Electronically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPC)increases on the roads there is a need for them to be able to access training in order to confidently manage these new style bicycles. Ideal for returning cyclists a power assisted bike could help to provide increased mobility and enjoyment of cycling. I also teach Pilots for the Cycling Without Age Bournemouth Project launched July 2018

Vintage Cycling. We celebrate the worlds best ever invention with vintage elegance, at Dorset goes Vintage ride 2020, part of the V Dub at the Pub weekend festival. Year four I am currently working on the route plans. My role is co-ordinator of the riders and Marshals. Vintage Cycle Events and I are also setting up the first Vintage bike ride for the postponed Shake and Stir vintage festival  Contact me for information on route planning and ride organising.  

2019 Bournemouth Velodrome at Slades Park opened the new sports pavilion managed by Active Dorset, latest activities on the link.  Scroll down here for lots more information on Track Cycling, and do contact me on

I chaired  BH Active Travel Forum between March 2018 and March 2021 when Lucie Allen was voted in, covering amalgamation of 3 councils to BCP. A campaigning group that started in around 1990 advising the engineers and cycling officers working on bringing about change for Active Travel. Do come along if you are interested in the changes now being brought about all over the U.K, lots of information on other pages of this website.  

Previous work evidence below.   


I taught 100 + adult clients road cycling skills between September 2014 and Spring 2016  as part of the Bournemouth Borough Council and Lifecycle U.K promotion.

My Background:-

From 2005 I taught Bikeability National Standards cycle training. From Luton where I started and Bedford Councils first ever schools course in 2007, and between 2009 and 2019 in Bournemouth and Poole. Also since 2011 I’ve co-ordinated youth and schools coaching with colleagues at the Bournemouth Velodrome–  All Track Cycling is now booked through the Active Dorset website link here .

Testimonials :

“I wanted to thank you for organising the course that my Son Giorgi attended last week. I was able to witness the training and wish to commend both Nicki and Jason for being excellent hosts to myself and the children over the two days. They were very professional whilst remaining friendly and all the children benefited from their experience and training. Excellent work!

People are very quick to complain about things when wrong and I suspect slow to recognise when things are right. I feel that a short email to commend you and your team on the excellent level of service is more than deserved. Well Done! and Thank You! I would be happy for you to forward this email to your manager”.

“Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you and would you please pass our thanks on to the Bikeability team as Lilly thoroughly enjoyed herself on this course.

It was a real confidence boost for her, normally Lilly would only participate in something like this if she had a ‘friend’.  It was a drag trying to get her enthused on the Monday morning, but because the team made her feel so welcome  she was buzzing by the time she got home and more than eager to get back on Tuesday.  (I however wonder if being the only girl and treated like a lady played a large part) She has taken great pride in sharing her knowledge and explaining the bike checks, it’s been really lovely! Once again, many thanks!”

Active Dorset Sports Vectors (CMYK)Sportivate-Logo

Velocity Poster



I have taught hundreds of schoolchildren and adults to ride brakeless fixed gear bikes confidently , contact me more info. A good look into track for possible new riders here

frog kids

wheelers sesh


“Hi Jason, I just wanted to say thank you again. Because I started to ride with your help -and pushing- 🙂 after 33 years in my life, it’s perfect feeling, like freedom, like being independent, like being a child at age of 33. 🙂 I’ll keep practising during all my free time and let you know about how it’s going. Many many thanks again, Tugba”

One recent trainee:-

Miranda and Jason
Miranda and Jason





National Press 2013,  as part of the Riderace series Ride Bike Poole clients :-




Adult Track Coaching
Adult Track Coaching
Adult Track Coaching
Adult Track Coaching

Photos and Testimonials. Youth Track Cycling coaching 2013:-

Youth Track Coaching
Youth Track Coaching
Youth Track Coaching
Youth Track Coaching
Youth Track Coaching
Youth Track Coaching

James Donald, Bournemouth University Staff 2015

” I went to this track bike session today and it was very good fun and an amazing opportunity. Very special track. There is space for up to 20 staff and students to take part. All bikes (they are fixed wheel, so you can’t just take your own on there), hats, training etc is provided.

Jason the man in charge is fantastic – he got me riding right up to the top by the end – when I arrived I thought there was no hope as I had never ridden a fixie before (no brakes, you have to pedal slower to slow down).”

St Lukes Primary, Bournemouth. 2013- 2017

“I brought year 6 to trial the track bikes this summer. Some of them were apprehensive but by the end they had all used the track-either on mountain bikes but most had a go on the track bikes (including me). It was a really valuable session and children experienced something new and realised that its worth overcoming your initial fears as they surprised themselves with what they could do. Most of them had not visited the velodrome before so it was an ideal introduction for them. Jason coached and nurtured them on a one to one basis as they tried out the track bikes.”

Mrs Mitchell. year 6.

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the session yesterday- Jason was brilliant with Poppy getting her comfortable on a track bike so quickly, and she really liked racing with the other kids. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and spent the rest of the day with a massive grin on her face and asking when she can have her own track bike! “

Gareth Llewelyn father of Poppy-8

2012 work:-

I worked with Jason during Oak Academy’s “Activities Week” in June 2012, when he was brought in to run the cycling activity.

Jason was an immediate hit; his patient and gentle nature, sense of humour and calming influence helping to focus the excited students, who all responded positively to him and ached to impress him.

Bike maintenance was presented in a clear and simple style, his obvious vast knowledge being concisely and appropriately targeted. As an example, to this day, students who took part in the cycling activity can not only recall the “M check” but, more importantly, understand what they are looking for – and why.

On the velodrome track Jason gave lots of time to the students and staff. He did not rush anyone and we were allowed to learn handle the bikes at our own pace. This resulted in a thoroughly successful day.

On the trails, Jason’s expansive knowledge of local routes was invaluable and he showed excellent trail and technical leadership skills, aiding and encouraging the students to develop their riding skills.

As the teacher responsible for the group, Jason was supportive of my decisions. As an experienced cyclist, Jason was respectful towards and took full advantage of my existing skills. His management of the group created a team of bike riders, rather than just individual cyclists. Duties were delegated to the whole team – both students and staff – and were inclusive of everyone’s skills. He was able to read situations clearly and develop suitable solutions: for example, he was able to easily and appropriately deal with tired, emotional and saddle-sore young people, with happy end results. Jason’s relaxed approach was contagious and he effortlessly made the event about the achievement, not the distance.

I can honestly say that Jason inspired the team during activities week, so much so that on a personal level, shortly after the event I successfully completed a Mountain Bike Trail Leader qualification and started a school Bike Club for the students. Jason has been continually supportive and great resource.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jason as a leader for cycling projects. He is a positive role model for young people, a highly effective communicator and a great ambassador for cycling.

Anna Harpham-Gist, Bourne Academy Bournemouth

Sustrans work 2008-2013 .St Marks Primary First School in the New Bournemouth Track 2011

1st School to use Bournemouth Track
1st School to use Bournemouth Track
1st School to use Bournemouth Track
1st School to use Bournemouth Track

Other quotes from Teachers at Bike It schools 08-13-

The Epiphany School, Muscliffe, Bournemouth.

Additionally, there has been an increase in trips particularly within year 5 where bikes have been used, such as the trips to Throop Mill.

In conclusion the Sustrans input has raised the profile of specifically biking, but furthermore how rewarding a healthy lifestyle is, which is an area that we as a school want to promote.”

Vanessa Webster SENCO & DEP.HEAD.

“When we took all of our year 5 children on a bike ride to an area of local interest they exclaimed “this is the best trip ever!” Jason led our group and ensured that staff felt confident out on the roads with groups of children. Great for promoting health, confidence and enjoyment! Excellent.”

Louise Pankhurst year 5

“In my role as sports co-ordinator at Epiphany school I find the support of Jason has a very positive effect on our school. It is very helpful to have arole model for the children who is promoting cycling so enthusiastically. He is a visible person who the children can identify with and really enjoy all the activities he provides. I am more inclined to organise cycling events as I know he would be there to support us. I hope this contact is maintained in the future.”

Sarah Dunsford (nee Park) P.E CO-ORDINATOR  now School Games Co-ordinator for Active Dorset

Wednesday 12th December 2012. Corpus Christi Catholic Primary- my first school on Bike It 2008 – present day

The Impact of ‘Bike It’ on Corpus Christi School in Boscombe Corpus Christi has hugely benefited from taking part in the ‘Bike It’ project over the past 4 years. We achieved Bronze and Silver Awards, through lots of support, advice and ideas from Jason Falconer, plus the enthusiasm of the pupils and parents. Jason was regularly in touch and always willing to visit the school to promote any new cycling projects, including ‘The Big Pedal’ and ‘Sustrans Heroes Challenge’, to name but a few. The number of cyclists has quadrupled over the past few years, since Jason has been supporting the ‘Bike It’ initiative at Corpus Christi school. Some staff members have also attended cycle training sessions, led by Jason, and have then fed back some of the ideas to the rest of the school to use. We are now in the early stages of the Gold Award, and will strive to continue promoting how healthy and fun cycling/scooting is! Jane Allonby Corpus Christi ‘Bike It’ leader

“The project has been very good in promoting bike use throughout the school. Many children’s skills and safety awareness has improved along with fitness and a move away from ‘the car’ which has got to be applauded” 

“Children are more keen to cycle and scoot now. Bike It has raised the profile of cycling and scooting: children are excited by it. Big Pedal has also got the staff and parents involved! “”All of my class have been encouraged to bike, scoot or, at least, walk to school more often because of the project. The project is very well run and supported a great deal by the teachers”

 “One of my pupils has cerebral palsy and has recently been provided by a special bike by a local charity – Bike It has greatly included her in the school community. We are lucky to have our facilities and the Bike It project has highlighted this. Great!”

“Bike It has got all the children and families enthusiastic about bikes, children love Bike It …It shows the children that bikes are practical, environmentally happy and a cheap way to get around their local area – and fun! It’s also good for them to know that all their peers wear helmets”

“The more that organisations like Sustrans can do to campaign for safe cycle routes and encourage families to cycle and generally catch ‘the next generation’,  the better! In all my time in education, this surpasses (in my opinion) most initiatives which come and go as fashions but rarely provide a lasting change in either performance or behaviour. This might!”


These videos are Luton Work, presented to a National Westminster Conference on Physical Activity, 2008.

Here are the Newsletters containing activites I planned, Organised and delivered between 2009 and 2013:-

Autumn 2009 newsletter

spring 2010 newsletter

summer 2010 newsletter

autumn 2010

weymouth newsletter2011

Spring 2011_news

summer 2011 newsletter

autumn 2011 newsletter

B & P newsletterver1 spring 2012

B&P summer12 newsletter

B & P autumn12 newsletter

End of Project Report – Bournemouth Poole





  1. Kriti Aggarwal

    I appreciate the way Jason teaches. He makes it fun to ride. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my rides especially the Throop loop. Strongly recommend it to all. Plus he’s very good at what he does.

  2. NatalieMcNicholas

    Such a proud Mum this month of a 12 year old mentally handicapped brilliant boy. Malachy my son is riding a bike for the first time ever and this is only his second lesson.

    I was told my son would struggle with such activities but being passionate about him having the opportunities & fun other 12 year old boys enjoy I started my search for a coach. I didn’t have to look far – finding Jason was the best research I’ve done for a long long time, success was only a few pedals away.

    During the first telephone conversation with Jason all doubt was well and truely dismissed.

    The next day, bike purchased (stricktly minus stabilisers) Malachy jumped aboard, Jason took charge, installed confidence and I’m delighted to say the rest is history.

    If anyone in the Bournemouth or Poole areas needs a coach for their child I know the man!! Jason Falconer is amazing and just such a brilliant person who can deal so wonderfully with special needs kiddies. Happy days xxx

  3. Thomas loved his bike ability training at Baden Powell school which Jason ran. I have friends at other schools in Bournemouth who do not have this opportunity… Such a shame. Thanks so much Jason, good to know he is road aware when I take him on longer rides.

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