Youth On Track 2012-2013

As our last Saturday Kids on Track session runs bringing the season to a close, its time for a year end review  of  Youth Track Cycling in Bournemouth.

September 2012 through August 2013


Autumn-Winter 2012-13 Total youth/schools rider numbers for Bournemouth Cycling Centre (September 12 through March 13)

Schools introductions and accreditation sessions totalled 110 riders.

Feria Sport ‘Kids on track’ Saturdays and youth sessions totalled 322 riders

(Saturdays harnessed post-Olympic enthusiasm with 198 attendees September 2012 alone) This Olympic year surpassed everyones beliefs about enthusiasm for cycling, and with 4 coaches and 4 groups running at once we really had our hands full. Brilliant times.

Total Autumn- Winter = 432 Riders


youth on track
youth on track

Spring- Summer 2013 (April 13 through August 13)

Schools introductions and accreditation sessions totalled 213 riders

Feria SportKids on track’ Saturdays and Nine Holiday clubs 2013 for various local children totalled 306 riders.

Total Spring- Summer = 519 Riders. Enjoyed making these happen, and having the best summer these kids will have ever seen 2013 goes down in the record books.

Extra Feria Sport Spring ‘Girls/ Boys on track’ sessions 60 Riders

Overall Feria-Sport youth track cycling sessions comprise over a third of the complete track rider numbers at the Bournemouth centre for the year.  We now have over 220 youth riders on the books.

Youth on track
Youth on track

Specific details:-

Jason co-ordinated and delivered 7 different schools visits to BCC during the last 12 months for youth track cycling introductions.

    • Talbot Combined. Poole       .
    • St. Osmunds. Weymouth.
    • Dumpton. Wimbourne.
    • L.E.A.F academy. Bournemouth.
    • St Lukes. Bournemouth.
    • Bethany Juniors. Bournemouth.
    • St. Edwards. Poole.


  • 3 schools completed a series of 5 youth accreditation sessions with 27 possible new youth accreditees. These students qualified to ride open sessions.


    • Allenbourne boys. Wimbourne.
    • Wey Valley. Weymouth.
    • Ringwood. Hampshire.


  • Local cycling clubs are welcoming more new youth riders
  • Clubs such as Purbeck Tri-club are discovering potential of the track centre.
  • We are running more private group sessions for individuals who enjoyed their introductions.
  • Parties, Corporate team building, womens only sessions all possible ideas.



Please visit website for more photos and all current information plus details of how to arrange sessions.



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