Happy B.S.T! Easter is hurtling towards us again and that for me means end of Spring Term teaching and into the peak season outdoors. As well as my coaching and Orienteering map making which is becoming increasingly in demand, there are some upcoming fun activities I am asked to co-ordinate, this post outlines them and how you can get involved.

In 2009 Eilidh Cairns a London rider was killed on her way to work by a driver, Ten years ago this event shocked all of the London cycling community and many memorial rides were held for her after what seemed an extraordinarily unusual death. Now in 2019 there have been many, many more unnecessary cyclist deaths since Elidih’s, tragic for every family involved and such unnecessary death. Locally ImpAct theatre are presenting ‘The White Bike’ in association with Bournemouth Borough Council, which is in part a memorial to Eilidh. I was asked to assist with this and a friend Andy Storey has provided film footage from 2 Wheels needed for the production, the details are here do share them for these 4 performances and come along to what looks to be an interesting evening out.

On to Other Upcoming Events Its a great pleasure to be leading another 2 Vintage bike rides this summer. You remember 2016’s Christchurch Vintage Ride?, now Christina and I are onto our 4th and 5th events with V-Dub at the Pub and Shake and Stirs first spin.

UPDATE- Shake and Stir postponed until 2020

I am as always looking for Marshals so if you want to help lead a group of riders, get in touch there are always free entries for my helpers, contact me. Routes and information are shown below, this year I have the pleasure of loaning the Pederson again from my mechanic friend Mike to ride- cant wait.

Vintage Ride Year 3
V-Dub at the Pub Route
Pederson Bikes
Humphrey Bogart
Shake and Stir Vintage Ride

Ill also be marshalling myself again at the Dimbleby Cancer Care Walk 50 Overnight event in June. Alongside my cycle campaigning as chairman of the renamed BH Active Travel Forum, fundraising for Sustrans and other work coaching and mapping these provide the fun element to summertime. Ive also been writing a weekly blog as Co Chairman of Wessex Orienteers which you can find on the website , hence infrequency of posts on this site. Okay that little lot should be a great June, I hope your summer is shaping up well for you too.

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