Routes vs Queues 2

Hospital – Seafront

Another key route with superb direction is one that takes you from ‘North’ Bournemouth area just next to Castlepoint to the seafront. The photo here shows the route which is 4.25 KM to the Pier at Boscombe. Superb route largely off road that I timed today, 15 minutes start to end. You leave the Littledown Centre which is just opposite the hospital, seems  timely to post this as theres been some awful delays around there recently in press, Im sure the riders as always by passed queues and saved time by cycling. Knowing exactly how long it takes you to get somewhere is a win, never any parking costs, and then the wide awake feeling when you get there. Next bit is a gentle climb on cycle path behind J.P Morgan,(whom have hundreds of commuter cyclists and are doing the best job on encouraging their staff to get active to work) which takes you up to Kings Park near the Cherries ground. Passing the skate park and onto Gloucester road which is the first road section, typical Victoriana here with cars parked both sides so stay aware and take the lane away from car doors opening. The button crossing over Christchurch road to get over opposite Corpus Christi costs you a minute, worth a breather here.

Woodland walk to Kings P
Woodland walk to Kings P

Along the wide cycle path to Woodland walk which was opened up to riders a few years ago and improved by the signage I worked on with kids from school next door, still looking good. Carry on down to the next ped crossing over Beechwood rd. then youre at the seafront, you’ve just  avoided the Wessex way and the Christchurch road crawl- well chosen. From here the cliff road leads west to the pier at Boscombe where you can drop to the always open seafront road to Bournemouth central. 15 Minutes well spent, the direct south -westerly wind that might face you into town is one of the things we cyclists get used to, theres always the cunning plan of using the route in reverse when you know the good old S/W is blowing hard, enjoying the feeling of flying with the wind behind you definitely a joy of biking. So that’s my route vs queue part 2. Will have some more of these soon, just revisiting some routes to show how they WORK daily for active travellers, don’t join the queue, leave behind the schlep and get riding.

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