Orienteering Afterschools Clubs and upcoming W.S.X Event. 2014

Orienteering Afterschools Clubs and upcoming W.S.X Event.

Post is a tribute to Helen Dyke at Broadstone middle who in last autumn term co-ordinated and helped run 70 Orienteering lessons in school time, that’s 70 separate lessons, total heroine of outdoor adventure, teaching young people a new activity that so many children are now missing out on. We are now in the middle of a series of after schools clubs that are leading up to the Dorset School Champs on 09th May at Moors Valley Country park, Ive planned and coached the Broadstone Rec and Slades Farm ones which feature here.  So, the evidence is everywhere that overweight is now regarded as normal, along with the issues about stranger danger and outdoor spaces no longer being seen as playgounds sometimes life looks bland for our current generation of youngsters. If you grew up part of a previous generation, youll identify with seeing this as sad, and partly what drives me to keep offering activities that while they take a bit of preparation are worth every second. Rewards of getting people out to see new places, take part in a new sport, having fun and running are endless.  I’m also  running series 2 for Moordown St Johns, the second this term featured on other posts. https://jasonmfalconer.co.uk/?p=562

For years WSX have been making maps, running schools activities and events largely with the enthusiasm of volunteers and especially Ian and Kay Sayer.

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Today’s Slades Farm plan, here we have a Permanent course set up, and today we are doing a mass start with 4 courses using those locations. Runners complete 2 loops, running through the start onto the second loop. After picking up the map, individuals and pairs have to start off correctly on one of the cardinal points, at half way they set off in the opposite direction-bear with me here it’s worth it. So there will be 16 kids all starting on the whistle, they have to pick up a map, marked with example East Start- complete the controls dibbing with Sport Ident Kit, pass through start to complete the West loop, then finish. Provides the challenge of not following anyone as there’s 4 different courses, as the flyer says:- A challenge for the mind and body.  After downloading a print out, we will be able to check who completed the course correctly, and who did it the fastest. Im as excited about this as the runners get before they come out into the outdoors! Should be brilliant- Ill update later with results.

As newly elected Publicity Officer for Wessex Orienteering Club, Im promoting our events where we offer coaching to those who may be curious about Orienteering and want to try it. As well as the youth the club are currently working with we welcome you to come and explore the forests too!  We have an event next Sunday the 06th April details here :-

Theres one part of a series of WOJ (Wessex Orienteering Juniors) squad kids coaching sessions, and also theres always plenty people around who will offer new runners help. Do come down, or drop me message for more info. you could join the Facebook group too if that’s youre thing.



Event went brilliantly, the mass start certainly quietened down the group as they had to concentrate to start correctly.

We had 6 soloists, 5 pairs, of whom 5 completed all the 16 controls over 2 continuous loops. Competition at the top was fierce with two fastest times  23.03 and 23.07  a close race!!


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