Working with a client on Bikeability training recently who had specific journey needs as well as the aims of riding confidently on the road. Kinson/West Howe is in North Bournemouth and has a large population, this student is going to college after GCSE and needed to find the way to Poole where the college is. Route planning for this revealed more about why I am soon to release the Poolemouth cycle system with Kickstarter- which aims to provide routes of directional perfection across the conurbation. Ten years of working with people on cycling activities at schools have shown me that the simplest fact that many people don’t go and explore their area unless they are already riding bikes, or keen on outdoor pursuits. We humans are habitual animals, and many repeat journeys are made across the same routes, often they will suffer from being during rush hours and at school run time- exactly when congestion happens. Thankfully I have the chance of riding the whole area for all my work journeys, I have a drivers license which is only used on occasional long trips because across town every day when I see queuing sole occupancy cars I’m happy to be not subject to that time wasting. Providing ideas that show where the routes vs queues are is simply aimed at providing the proof that there’s easy ways of making healthy active travel journeys in our beautiful area.

Kinson to Poole. On the day I taught the Level 3 Bikeability topics, roundabouts, multi- lane roads and ways that riders manage their risk in traffic on the way to Poole. On the way back decided to record the journey for the student, in order to pass on a digital format for later use. Paper maps are great, you might have noticed I’m rather keen on maps and mapping, although cycling maps of the area don’t show routes and plans, and they don’t include the evidence of other modes which is partly what prompted this post. When we arrived back at students home, the clock said 35 minutes, and 7.3 Kilometres distance. We had walked up North rd.too, which means in effect a constant ride would have been more like 30 minutes. Student told me that a bus journey would involve an hour and half of travel, into Bournemouth town, then a second bus to Poole. I didn’t ask what the cost would have been, somewhere around 5 pounds return at a guess. Finding this evidence of a North-South route further gives me confidence that if people want to make a change in their travel- seeing these routes will encourage more to take up the bike, for the free travel, health and enjoyment of seeing the great parks and open spaces of Poolemouth.

Heres the route:- 

Route- Kinson to Poole. Starting at Cunningham Crescent which is the local area shops we rolled around Verney rd., short section on Turbary Park rd. then into the Dawes- Canford rd. link to Wallisdown rd., near the Kinson roundabout. There’s a pedestrian crossing here which is an option, the vehicles are often going walking speed on this East-West arterial road, (theres lots of East-West alternatives in Poolemouth directory here) Into Bryant rd. and right along Mossley rd., dropping into Bourne Valley at Scott rd. There’s a couple of gates here, and reaching the end of Bloxworth we head instead of straight towards Mountbatten up a short slope to the top of the ridge, super nature reserve where you can look back and see the Bournemouth Balloon and 360 views. Into Evering ave. then at the end and along to meet short section of Herbert ave. before taking the Ringwood rd. directly south to Sea View rd. A short hill here up to the viewpoint (which is a superb place to sit) cut through Springfield which has a contraflow cycle lane then fast roll down North rd., to reach destination. A lovely way to arrive at college I’m sure you’ll agree, and for every uphill- theres a downhill.

You’ve noticed that I’m not overtly campaigning here for more cycle route construction, I’m working with the Local Authorities to advise on work and have a good relationship with them. Changes that have been made in recent times are positive and to be welcomed. Personally I don’t feel that we will ever build a separate system, at the same time there’s lots of routes on my website here that could benefit from changes, and this is what I’m gradually promoting and suggesting to those in authority.

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