Beginning Inversions

College Yoga Sessions – Jason Falconer

• Opening – Spinal Rolling / Supine. breathing / awakening awareness

Apana Asana = Wind Relieving + supine variations / Eka Pada Apana Asana = One legged / Ardha Padma Apana Asana = Hip opening

Eka Pada Supta Pada Angustha Asana = Reclined Big toe / Supta Parsva Eka Pada Angustha Asana = One Legged

Urdhva Prasuta Pada Asana = Supine Straight Legged / Eka Pada Urdhva Prasuta Pada Asana = Leg Cycling / Supta Pada Angustha Asana = Toe touching / Benefits: Rectifies the static position of the spine, maintains intervertebral spaces and prevents slipped discs. Develops muscles of the legs. Improves venous and lymphatic systems. Relieves Restless leg syndrome.

Jathara Parivrtti = Revolved supine stretch – Benefits: Tones cardiac muscles and prevents and helps to reduce ovarian cysts.

Supine Variations entering Setu Bandha Asana = Bridge / Ardha Setu Bandha Asana = Bound Bridge / Eka Pada Setu Bandha Asana = One legged Option Benefits: Makes supple sacrolumbar region. Strengthens abdominals and kidneys / Jathara Parivrtti = Revolved supine stretch

Urdhva Prasuta Pada Asana = Supine Straight Legged / Toward Hala Asana = Plough. Benefits: Stabilises adrenals and ovaries. / Karna Pida Asana = Ear Pressure – Option / Jathara Parivrtti = Revolved supine stretch

Urdhva Prasuta Pada Asana = Supine Straight Legged / To Hala Asana = Plough to Eka Pada Sarvanga Asana = One legged Shoulder stand / From Hala Asana = Plough to Ardha / Sarvanga Asana = Half / Shoulder Stand Benefits: Provides mental attention and concentration. Helps to restore different phases of sleep. Improves venous circulation of lower limb, prevents and reduces varicose veins. Stabilizes hormonal secretions of Pineal and Thyroid glands.

Urdhva Dhanura Asana = Easy Upward Bow / Full Upward Bow – Option Benefits: Alongside respiratory and muscular benefits also Stimulates ovulation. Stabilizes the adrenal and pituitary secretions and the vegetative nervous system.

FinishingPascimatana AsanaSeated Forward Fold uncurl to Sava asana = Corpse posture Benefits: posture destroys fatigue and quiets the agitation of the mind, conscious relaxation invigorates and refreshes body and mind.

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