Poolemouth Cycle System

This is a repository of the blog posts detailing cycle route choice information in the Bournemouth and Poole conurbation ‘Poolemouth’

With the new design tube style map, these write ups describe the route features, reasons for inclusion and photos illustrating exact locations. Referencing them should provide motivation to discover these back garden routes, many of which are within an easy hours cycle ride and essentially use directional perfection to get between distinct areas of Poolemouth . Avoid the East- West jams brought about by a seaside location and choose the intelligent, healthy sustainable method of transport by bike, saving yourself thousands a year and getting fit for free.

All routes have been ridden by me for the last 8 years. This is directional perfection that avoids the East- West daily queues and takes you into our wonderful parks in this centreparks by sea Poolemouth.


This has been designed by Francesca Griffiths digital designer website here





Grey Route   link   Poole -Broadstone 5.5.km, Broadstone- Kinson (Bear Cross) 7.4km,Kinson- University  4.9 km Total 17.8KM

Dark Blue Route link  Hamworthy- Poole- Westbourne 6.8km

Black Route link  Hamworthy to Christchurch by Train/ bike 29 minutes (5 minute layover)

Green Route link  Canford Heath to Bournemouth town via University 14 km

Light Green Route link Broadstone to University via Canford Heath and Greenway

Pink Route link Boscombe to Hospital with Throop/ Charminster loop 4.8 km + 5.4 km loop

Yellow Route link Poole to Bournemouth  Seafront with Chine info details 15.9 km total

Light Blue Route link  Westbourne to Canford Heath 6.5km

Red Route and Branksome Chine circuit link

Purple Route link Bournemouth town to University Talbot Campus via Charminster and Winton

Mountain Bike route link Canford School to Bournemouth University


The Bay
The Bay


  1. Andy Hadley

    Interesting idea, I guess the range of these depends on your start point.

    I’d for example start the seafront route at the Sandbanks Ferry and run along to Southbourne, and that’s partly because I am part of the http://www.pooleharbourtrails.org.uk group aiming to get better walking and cycling links right around Poole Harbour. In particular, the Cordite Way between Hamworthy and Wareham.

    You mention the harbour, but there is a useful walking/cycle bridge to the West of Hamworthy station that takes you directly to Ham Common and great views of the upper harbour.

    Likewise we’re trying to get the round Holes Bay link improved, a long slow process. Your dark blue route pass along some of the Poole Heritage Cycleroute http://www.poole.gov.uk/EasySiteWeb/GatewayLink.aspx?alId=5508 which I worked with the council on getting, but that also includes diving into the Old Town and contraflow cycling on Poole Quay.

    The Castleman Trailway, (part of your Black Route, but runs to Ringwood and the New Forest) is best described with maps on the DCC site https://www.dorsetforyou.com/castlemantrailway

    Another good route that you miss the Trans-manche link from the ferry.

    Good work

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    • Hi John, sorry only your rail station included- these routes all distance / time appropriate to illustrate alternative cycle commutes. Aim here is to show the ease and speed across Bournemouth- Poole. There will be many readers within a very short distance of these routes. Including Christchurch then begs question- what about Highcliffe? Wimbourne? you see? Jason

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