B.K.S Iyengar 5

Jason 11/12/13
Jason 11/12/13


Starting the week right with a morning practice and, before afternoon teaching Im adding part 5 of my Iyengar classifications and posture dictionary- after years studying and working on the range of movements from ‘Light on Yoga’ this is my tribute of writing up the masters progression of postures from simplest to most complex, using the numbered sequence from the book. These are the final 27 that are mainly in single figure status due to their difficulty.

This post is illustrated above by 58, the complex King Dancer, Natarajasana. We see lots of versions of this balancing backbend, whilst the lower half will likely be similar, Iyengars arm use differs from all others. Grounding down through the supporting leg, we are challenged with the wobble that comes from standing on one leg. Even postures this advanced require centerdness, before we go to the backbend and closing the circle linking hand and foot, pivot from the centre, establish that rootedness first and watch as you move into it. Iyengar reaches down inside the reversed leg, then lifting rotates the shoulder joint outwards in a different way to anyone else who will teach an easy hold on the top of the foot.

When Im asked about these balances theres one analogy I can relate that makes sense to me. Coming into perfect balance is like when you focus an SLR camera, just as that complete steadiness reaches all the limbs of the body and the view is clarity, is like turning a lens,  focusing absolutely perfectly on the subject.  If youve ever used an SLR you will get this.

If youve read this far, or even any of the other 4 posts on this subject- do find a copy of ‘Light on Yoga’ to study, it will never let you down or stop challenging you. A good outline here too

This morning is starting midsummer week, after 15 years practising Yoga my enthusiasm for the science never wanes, being able to get outside and practice is a joy at this time of year.

28. Eka pada rajakapotasana- king pigeon var

Eka pada viparita dandasana-one legged inverted staff

29. Eka pada viparita dandasana 2- one legged inverted arch

30. Eka pada rajakapotasana- king pigeon var.

31. Chakra bandhasana- bound wheel pose.

32. Mulabandhasana- root lock

Ardha vrschikasana-half scorpion

Vrschikasana- scorpion

33. Adho mukha Vrschikasana- scorpions var.

36. Hanumanasana-splits pose of lord hanuman var.

37. Bhujangasana- cobra var.

38. Rajakapotasana- king pigeon Samakonasana- even angle split

Paripurna matsyendrasana- complete matsyendra twist

39. Supta trivikramasana- reclined splits

Kandasana –root

40. Eka pada rajakapotasana 4- king pigeon in splits

43. Kapinjalasana-raindrop drinking bird pose

Padangusta Dhanurasana-bow var.

44. Gherandasana 1- pose of Gheranda var.

45. Valakhilyasana-pose of heavenly spirits

46. Gherandasana 2-pose of Gheranda var.

52. Sirsa Padasana-inverted lotus

56. Ganda Bherundasana-bird var.

58. Viparita Salabasana-inverted locust pose

Natarajasana- complex king dancer var.

60. Tirieng Mukhottanansana/ purna chakrasana-full wheel pose

Yoga for Cyclists class continues tommorrow for 6 weeks. Enjoy your Summertime practice wherever you may be.


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