B.K.S Iyengar 3

Jason Virabhadrasana One
Jason Virabhadrasana One

Deep lunge perfect for Cyclists and one of my regular class postures.

As 2014 warms up and Yoga for Cyclists Series 3 begins this tuesday 11th, here is the 3rd of my Iyengar classifications and posture Dictionary document, moving up a level of difficulty from 11-16. As I practice outdoors more now my focus turns to more dynamic sequencing, handstanding and Viparita Chakrasana style sessions. Theres a sychronicity between winter months indoors keeping the warmth going and when we can get outside and explore deeper more challenging postures, and Sun Salutations in the sun, need I say more? Some parallels with biking too, many of us will have been turbo training for months, now the time comes to get outside and celebrate life.

Sanskrit names are given first before one English translation. Postures are often known by different names in different teaching styles, however they largely descend from Mr Iyengars worldwide promotion of the science of Yoga descended from Sanskrit language. This tribute serves to supply students with reference to most of the postures they would come across learning the science. We are getting  more diffiicult now, and the number of postures in each bracket reduce, check the earlier posts for what are more introductory postures of the type I teach students.

11. Vatayanasana-horse face

Akarna dhanurasana- archer

Eka pada sirsasana- one legged headstand S.S

Eka pada setu bandhasana-shoulder bridge one legged H.S.S

Marichiyasana 4, var-sage


12. Supta vajrasana-reclined bound lotus

Parsvaika pada sirsasana- side legged headstand S.S

Pinca mayurasana-peacock feather

Eka pada urdvha dhanuasana-one legged upward bow


13. Asta vakrasana- crooked

Supta padangusthasana-reclined foot to head


14. Kurmasana- tortoise

Supta kurmasana- reclined tortoise

Setu Bandhasana- supported bridge


15. Vamadevasana 1, 2 var.- vamadeva sage

Urdvha Dhanurasana 2-upward bow from standing

Eka pada sirsasana-one leg behind head E.P.S

Sayanasana-peacock feather on elbows



16. Bhairavasana- formidable Shiva E.P.S

Skandasana- pose of lord Skanda/ reclined eka pada sirsasana E.P.S

Uttitha hasta padangusthasana- extended big toe


Parsva bakasana-side crane

Parsva kakasana-side crow

Bhairavasana, many years practice for this one.

Jason Bhairavasana 16
Jason Bhairavasana 16

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