Yoga for Cyclists New Series.

Next Series of Y.f.C

Riders from local clubs are enjoying learning the ultimate stress relief techniques and as a result I am pleased to invite you to a new series, the moves and aims of the series are outlined below :-

The next series runs Tuesdays from 19 November to 11 February 2014 (10 weeks).

8 p.m at Sir David English Centre, East Way, Bournemouth, BH8 9PZ. Please bring a Yoga mat (widely available)

(B.H.Live members can also enjoy FREE sauna/ steam room)

Students are invited to benefit most from attending the whole series, starting New Years resolutions,

And can book for £35 in advance during or before first 2 sessions, paypal, cash or cheque to this email address.

Or, come along for when suits them best, £5 each hour session.

email or call for more info:- 07455 315715. Thankyou.

Class aims- 

Easing common cycle related complaints- identifying postures that will alleviate common cycle related pain both short and long term. Compensatory.

Flexibility work- identifying all muscles that shorten as a result of cycling, and exploring postures that will lengthen them. Increasing full mobility in the joints that suffer from reduced mobility during cycling, in particular hips, shoulders and knees. Compensatory.

Core strengthening – Simultaneously lengthening and strengthening the muscles which are underused (postural back and abdominal muscles), therefore alleviating overused muscle groups and stressed joints. Compensatory.

Spine work – Finding full mobility in this long sequence of joints that often ends up suffering from reduced mobility, lengthening the spine as well as exploring counteracting postures such as twists, lateral bends and back bends. Compensatory.

Waist-down work – focussing specifically on the biggest muscle groups as well as the overused groups. Lengthening the commonly overdeveloped quadriceps, hip flexors and tight hamstrings. Compensatory

Backbends – exploring the group of postures that perhaps most significantly address cyclists tendencies/ complaints (including upper back/ postural tendencies) by reversing the cyclists postures. Compensatory/ Supplemental.

Inversions and arm balances – Exploring fun postures that give the legs a well-deserved rest whilst exploring concentration, use of breath and upper body strength. Supplemental.

Balances – Again, these are fun postures that are actually demanding in terms of concentration, correct posture, strong leg/arm work but also ease tension in tense cyclists’ muscle groups. Compensatory/ Supplemental.

Developing a daily sequence – putting together a supplemental practice that can be done solo at home. Dynamic sequences to become a regular addition to the athletes schedule. Supplemental.

Class structure. Each classes main aim is that students learn how to strengthen and stretch mindfully in class and apply these at any point pre or post ride and keep commonly developed cycle related injuries at bay. The elements above are taught within a sequenced dynamic class including warm- up, posture work then relaxation time.  Students gradually get to know how their own body functions. From what you were born with to what has evolved over a lifetime of all your various activities and tendencies. Once you have identified those, then you can understand why some are agonising and others aren’t. Obviously, the agonising ones are usually addressing parts of our body that are stiff and/ or weak and then there are those that we just find plain scary.
This info gradually gets processed gradually over time by body and mind and the poses that we love to hate gradually become the poses we love to love.

Turn yourself from an Aliante  Bull to an Arione Snake.

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