The Small Ranunculus

The Small Ranunculus. A recent catch from my Skinner M.V light trap in Sandbanks Road, Poole. Single moth post this as compared to my other posts, including 2 years ago a catch of another one of this Noctuid family the Feathered Ranunculus. These are a very special family and to my mind one of most interesting, special and beautiful of the U.K Moths. Ranunculus is the name of a plant genus with 500 flowering varieties, and also according to Wiki the plant food of Hebrew Character and Small Angle Shades. I’m looking forward to a copy of the book Emporers, Admirals and Chimney Sweepers to discover lots more about our fascinating Lepidoptera name origins. My picture above shows the individual caught and released (of course) on the 08 August, a species Red Data Book Rare, according to the handbooks- ‘Thought extinct for 50 years before re-appearing in Kent, Essex and South Wales’ food plant :- wild and cultivated lettuce. I tweeted about it and the Portland Observatory that have a great knowledge remarked it had never been found in Dorset, and Manley the author of Moths of Trigon didn’t record it in that Dorset book either. Superb Catch. If your interested in other Mothing, search my Lepidoptera category for more posts and pictures, and do comment. Picture below is another one from elsewhere, not sure if slightly photoshopped, still, I think youll agree a stunning Moth.

Heres another actual 2019 catch of this Moth by the excellent Alex Perry