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I’m Honoured to recieve this Award from British Orienteering for National Coach of the Year 2018. There are 120 Clubs in the UK and its super to be representing the South West region again which has a great S.W Junior Team, who Wessex aspire to send our next top club runners to.

IMG_20181125_114948Wessex Orienteering worked with Beat the Street Poole last Autumn 2018 to provide Events in Poole and Upton CP , very happy to be encouraging  families further exploration of all our great parks and outdoor spaces. You can read all the weekly updates of Wessex events and activities on my Co-Chairmans chat on the website. Seems the life skill of navigating is having another re-surgence as people become increasingly dependent on tech, I’m making more schools maps than ever and doing updates as teachers revisit whats a great fun outdoors activity.
I’m the Head Coach and Co-Chairman of Wessex Orienteering and have coached hundreds of children Outdoors from many schools in the Bournemouth and Dorset area. Students benefit from a series of activities introducing the sport, either at school and/or using our  12  Permanent courses in the area. Many schools benefit from including a sport that whilst being an International Sport provides all children chances to run and compete at the same time when they might not be otherwise interested in competitive sports. Benefits of exploring and getting outdoors have never been more evident for young people than today,  with continuous activities and events theres never been a better time to include Orienteering in school timetables. Also bringing the Sport into 2019 with Q.R reader plaques installing for schools.  See my FREE map update 2018-19 Offer to schools here
 Recently--2018 Inter Schools  Competition. PEDDSA and I organised another event at Broadstone Middle School/ Dunyeats Hill similar to my first at Upton, in March 2015, and last years at Canford school.  We had 8 schools- 127 Children take part in this 07/03/18 All my Spring /Summer 2018 schools activities shown here.

2018:- Autumn Term -I ran another Two series of sessions for Linwood Special school using all our local areas, also this term have been teaching groups at Sunninghill Prep Dorchester, on site and on WSX P.O.C’S  info@jasonmfalconer.co.uk

Co Chairmans Updates– I’m since September 2018 sharing the lead on Wessex Orienteering club chairmanship, each week I provide a summary of the activities and events we organize, plan and compete in along with other interesting links to action from our sport, see them all and more here.

2018 season:– 4th major event this year is the British School Score Champs at Moors Valley! 13 October when the season gets going for next few months.

All Wessex Orienteers Permanent  Orienteering courses available to download FREE- 12 soon to be 13 local places to explore/. Have a look at the video below which contains all the details of How To?

Recent Teacher Training Allenborne School

Recent Teacher Training Allenborne School
KS2 Orienteering
KS2 Orienteering


KS3 Orienteering
KS3 Orienteering

Prices:– For Bookings made 2019-School coaching activities I charge £30 per hour for Orienteering coaching, or £90 for 3 hours. A full day (6 hours) is £180. For bespoke quality mapping contact me- in the region of £300 depending on size of site. I have a large amount of age specific session ideas available, do contact me with enquiries.

Please email me for full details of Orienteering info@jasonmfalconer.co.uk or call me on 07455 315715 to discuss opportunities.

St James Primary
St James Primary




Testimonials 2018 from St James Primary Boscombe :
Name one aspect you really enjoyed about the sessions:- “Seeing those with  reluctance to partake in sport find a new enjoyment of the outdoors and sport”“Jason had lots of good ideas and there was clear and appropriate progression of the skills through the weeks. I thought the classroom sessions were really interesting and introduced Orienteering in a very clever way.”Please make and additional comments that you wish to pass on to the coach “Jason was friendly and enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and obviously loves Orienteering which came across to the children. He got to know the children over the weeks and was patient and kind to them.”










Past Events:
Workplace challenge January – March 2015. This was great fun in one of my favourite places- Bourne Valley – read the full post here.


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